Emma | Dinner & Drinks

EMMA |dinner & drinks
Emmaweg 25
2202 CP Noordwijk aan Zee

T: +31 71 3617301
E: EMMA@dinneranddrinks.nl

Closed on sunday and monday and unfortunately our hospitality does not apply for pets.

A modern and inspiring resaturant located in a hotel that is more than 70 years with a long tradition of Noordwijk-style hospitality.

Our hosts form the perfect link between guest and kitchen, can shake cocktails with the best of them, and are thoroughly familiar with the taste and origins of our wines.

The kitchenteam throws itselve with a great deal of passion and enjoyment into their craft,
and you can see, smell and taste it All senses will be delightfully stimulated.
The dishes are familiar, fresh, sustainably sourced, organically justified and above all, delicious!
Our kitchen staff would of course be happy to take diners’ dietary needs and special preferences into account.

Should you find it difficult to choose from our a la carte dishes,
give the team “carte blanche” and our kitchen will serve you a shared dinner.
Each course will consist of a generous selection of dishes, eliminating the stress of choice and delivering a smorgasbord of delights!
This shared dinner can be ordered till 21.00 and only per table.

This culinary tour of the menu costs:
2 courses € 29.50        3 courses € 37.00        4 courses € 42.50

Wine arrangement:
2 glasses € 12.50         3 glasses € 18.50        4 glasses € 24.50

Bon appétit!